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PHP Scripts

The Concept

Are you working with, or developing a Windows application that stores information in a central database? Do your colleagues wish to work from home, but need access to the same application you use at work? Then we have the solution:

With php service, we can convert your VB or VB.NET Windows application front-end into a web-based application with the same look and feel as the original. Users will be able to work with the same interface they are used to, from within their web browser.

The Advantages

  • No training costs as the interface is virtually a clone of the application they have been using.
  • Web-based applications can be distributed easily around a global workforce, or a company Intranet.
  • No complicated installation of EXE setup files.
  • Reduced trips to the office for professional web design employees working from home.
  • Cross-platform php compatibility.
  • Works just like a Windows application for ease of use.
  • Optimised for use with both Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • download manuals on php, css and javascript