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css php Placing a database behind a web site can turn a simple internet browser into the user interface for a web based application.

The functionality of the web application can be on a par with some desktop applications, with the advantage of centralised control of the data.

As leading Dynamic Database Developers in the UK consult with PHP development for application development advice.

Why a dynamic database?

Database driven websites can be built with user "Control Panels" so that without knowledge of HTML or web design, the website owner or users can update the content themselves.

Perhaps you wish to update the latest prices, company news articles, latest league scores, a users personal profile / preference to customise the web site, or your latest company products or offers.

At CSS frameworks & PHP we have extensive experience as dynamic database developers uk. Why not email or talk to us about your requirements. Our contact details are at the top of this page.

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Dynamic or Database Driven Websites

Dynamic pages do the opposite of Static pages, they can change every time they are loaded (without you having to make those changes) and they can change their content based on what user does, like clicking on css optimiser some text or an image.

Database driven websites can be developed using several competing technologies, each with it’s own advantages. Some of those technologies/tools include: PHP, JSP, ASP, .NET 

I create many different types of website, from the smallest text and image based site right up to large database driven e-commerce sites. I program all my sites from the ground up so your website is personalised to suit your exact needs.

My websites also come with a unique content managment system, created specifically for that website, so you can update your websites quickly and easily. And on top of all this i offer 10% off any other genuine quote.

So What Happens Next?

First of all you should take a look around my website. You will find links to all the websites i have created or worked on as well as more information on what i can offer your company. Then if you decide that you want me to create your website simply go to the contact page and give me a call.

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