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Of course, a business normally has many suppliers and many customers. Business are simultaneously buying and selling from many others, which is generally referred to as a 'marketplace'.

Marketplaces have historically been defined by geography (from your local town to the entire European Economic Area) or an industry digital css hacks sector such as aerospace, agriculture or petrochemical. Internet-based trading enables new ways for businesses to form marketplaces independently of location.

Most businesses have features in common at several levels with many others, not just their immediate trading partners. This may also include businesses that they normally consider competitors, since they may share the same prospect and customer profiles.

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Therefore there may be opportunities to share risk and rewards (lower costs, greater sales and satisfaction) via B2B interchange standards and business communities.

If, for example, a group of companies can agree on a set of definitions for how information can be exchanged when buying or selling, then a set of common processes can be implemented. Even if the processes are developed and run on separate systems within each business, they can transfer transaction information more easily and efficiently between each other.